the artists

Rozina Shiraz Gilani, Director


Rozina is a first-generation American whose work uplifts testimony through movement and utilizes the narrative tools of Indian Classical Dance to challenge viewers with a "radical disruption" of normative thought. She is inspired by representations of identity, collective memory and most specifically post-trauma as represented in motif production. Gilani utilizes popular motifs, through physical, photographic and embodied representation, to share the story of collective trauma in the face of apartheid.

Mila C.C. Konomos


Mila is a transracial, transnational adoptee. Much of her writing and art focus on transforming the narrative surrounding the myth of the gospel of international adoption, and reframing in within the context of White American imperialism and saviorism. Her piece in RESIST is for all those around the world who have lost their families, their people, their language, their origins, their identities through the cunning and deceptive tool born of imperialism and white supremacy exacted by war and colonization upon the substrate of religious saviorism euphemistically referred to as adoption.

Maryam Z. Ahmad


  Maryam is a Middle Eastern, first-generation American from Atlanta. She works primarily with acrylic and oil paint to create images of freedom from oppressive systems. She aims to bring awareness and evoke emotion to unite humanity’s soldiers. Her work symbolizes the fact that we will never give up the fight for freedom.

River Eden Grana


  River is a local artist and former student who focuses on mediums such as poetry and music. They’ve been creating for most of their life, along with being active in Atlanta community organizing. Atlanta’s Radical Art Community has given them a necessary space to mold their love for both, and has taught them the importance of radical art in our movements. 

Matheus Blasczak


Matheus has devoted his time in civic engagement through the means of grassroots organizing in Atlanta. As an immigrant, Matheus devotes most of his time to enforce inclusionary and intersectional spaces when organizing around issues like affordable housing, police brutality, access to healthcare, and workers rights. Blasczak focuses on blending art and activism as a tool to amplify messages from different grassroots organizations in Atlanta.

John Arthur Brown


John is a documentary, and street photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Seeing photography as a way to inform, he uses it to bring more information about aspects of the human condition that we may not have noticed otherwise. John frequently engages with the activist community in the Atlanta area, and uses photography to document the actions that activists put forth to bring about change.

Deborah Conton


Atlanta-born native and Brooklyn resident, Deborah continues to spread healing work via dance, spirituality, and writing. House Dance continues to be a conduit throughout her journey. She is also part of a Brooklyn-based dance collective known as Afro Mosaic Soul. This piece focuses on the distinct erasure of Black Women from the House Dance/Club Culture movement in NYC and beyond. Its erasure stems from the lack of Black bodies, hyper-masculinity, and appropriation of African-American and African diaspora movements.

Shalom Little


Shalom, of Black Noize Media, uses rap music as his main form of expression. He explores spirituality, racism, as well as his personal examination of struggles within the political, religious, and social infrastructures. He attempts to challenge himself and others through music.

Aaron Davis


Aaron is an illustrator, poet, graphic designer, and children's book writer. His art centers on blackness and the acceptance of all the forms it takes in life. He tell stories through his art to inspire those around him to action, whether it is speaking out against injustice, going out and marching or just allowing oneself to be free from societal expectations.

Dawn Oneal


Dawn went into activism after the death of Eric Garner. After seeing a black man

who was only trying to make a living have the life choked out of him, she felt helpless and powerless. Knowing she never wanted to feel that way again, she knew that there was something that had to be done and said. She knew that if people spoke out and up he would still be alive. And so she learned to RESIST. Her piece is inspired by revolutionaries around the world and their words of resistance.

Asma Elhuni


Asma is a student and devoted activist, actively fighting oppressive government policies. She seeks to listen to and uplift the voices of groups often marginalized by society.

Andres Burton


Andres is a graphic designer, illustrator, and graphic novelist. Their work tackles issues such as environmentalism, sexuality, mental health, personal growth, and trauma in relationships. They are an impassioned advocate for the rights of activists and protesters on the left. 

Kristan Woolford


Kristan currently works as an Audio Video Technology and Film  instructor at Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta, Georgia.
Additionally, he serves as the Creative Director of Black Noize Media Group,
which is a web based digital media distribution platform that utilizes entertainment and media to serve as a nexus for hip hop culture, community engagement, & activism among youth and young adults. Kristan is a proud 2018-2020 Studio in Residence Artist for The Creatives Project and is a part of C4 Atlanta's 2019 Hatch Intensive Program For Artist Working With Community.

Emmet Temple


Emmet is an Atlanta based theatre artist focused on bringing theatrical experiences and training to underserved schools and communities across the SouthEast. He is also a freelance director and theatre-maker, always ready and willing to chip in with some hard labor or advice on any theatrical venture. In 2017 he co-founded Mended Wing Theatre Co., a touring acting troupe that has taken re-imagined Shakespeare to over 5000 students across the south over three seasons of tours! To learn more about that work visit

The PapaDook


The PapaDook performs poetry and rap blended together with passion of resistance. She believes her purpose is to help cultivate a healthy defiance towards oppression

Mohammed El-Kurd


Mohammed is a nationally touring poet and writer from Jerusalem, Palestine. Being born on the 50th anniversary of the Nakba was an appropriate sign for someone who has gone on to channel so much of his country’s suffering and complexities into his art form. He writes in both Arabic and English. He considers writing in English extremely important because the narrative of the Palestinian people have been hijacked, shut down, and manipulated by the English-speaking press. Author of Radical Blankets and upcoming book, RIFQA, El-Kurd writes about the intersections of the Palestinian struggle with resistance movements around the world, social norms and gender, islamophobia and the complexities of the Palestinian identity.


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